How to become an IELTS recognising organisation?

You can apply for your organisation to recognise IELTS online; it only takes a few minutes

You can apply for your organisation to become an IELTS recognising organisation online.

Simply complete the online application form and once this form is completed, you will be notified of whether or not your application has been accepted.


If your organisation is based in the UK, it will need to be on the UK Border Agency’s list of registered sponsors before it can be accepted by IELTS.

All organisations need to state that they recognise IELTS on their websites, wherever they are based in the world.

Inform your applicants

If you can publish the IELTS scores that you require on your organisation’s website, this will help prospective candidates in their decision-making.

It will also help streamline your application processes and reduce your need to respond to detailed enquiries.

Become a recognising organisation, and let IELTS help you find people with the appropriate English language skills.

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