Prepare for your test

There are 1001 ways to speak English and one fun way to explore it.

"1001 Ways” is a fun and educative mobile app that allows you to learn English accents from all over the world. All you have to do is watch a video of a person speaking and guess where the person is from. Test your listening skills and become an accent expert!

Play !
A video will appear of a person saying “There are 1001 ways to speak English”.
Listen carefully to the accent and try to guess where the person is from.

Be part of the game 
Record a 5-second video of you saying: “There are 1001 ways to speak English”.Your video will be added to the game, and others playing the game can guess where you are from!

Need help?
Ask your friends! If you are having trouble guessing the correct answer, use your social media network to share a video and get advice from your friends!

Check your ranking!
You can take a look at your national and global ranking in the Fun Stats menu. Share your score and challenge your friends anytime!

Have fun!


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