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Free IELTS practice activities and resources

Prepare for your IELTS test with more free online resources courtesy of British Council. Our expertise can help you get ready for IELTS wherever you are in the world.

Road to IELTS: Test Drive - Free IELTS e-learning and assessment

'Road to IELTS' is British Council's e-learning and assessment tool for people preparing to take the IELTS test. ‘Road to IELTS: Test Drive’ provides free access to 10 hours of preparation materials including listening tests, reading and writing exercises and mock tests designed to help you develop your exam skills.

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Practise your IELTS listening

Try these practice activities for the IELTS Listening test from the British Council's LearnEnglish website.

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Practise your IELTS speaking

Watch this series of videos from the British Council's LearnEnglish website, designed to help you prepare for the IELTS Speaking test.

Improve your general English listening skills

A comprehensive range of high-quality learning materials is available to help improve your English listening skills at the British Council's iTunes University site (note you will require iTunes to view this content).

Get listening practice from British Council iTunes university

Download our free android app

British Council IELTS Word Power is a vocabulary practice app for IELTS test takers. With over 100 questions to test your word power, this app helps to build vocabulary in preparation for the IELTS test.

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