We experience thousands of tomorrows in our lifetimes. Many of them are just like any other day but sometimes, tomorrow means something more, a future that’s full of potential. Whether you picture a new job, a new country, new friends, a fresh start, new culture or your first time travelling alone, IELTS can help you get there. 

If you’re planning to study in English at home or abroad -IELTS is the right test for you. IELTS opens doors to study in the UK, Canada, the US, or Australia. It is also the number one choice for English-spoken courses in Europe, including popular destinations such as the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, and Switzerland. 

IELTS is also accepted by every immigration body that asks for an English language test. If you’re looking to progress in your career, move abroad to start a new job, or start a new life with your family, IELTS is your ticket to get there.

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Taking IELTS with the British Council

Taking IELTS with the British Council means you get full support and guidance from an experienced and trusted test provider throughout your entire IELTS journey. We offer quality preparation materials including free practice tests, personalised and interactive webinars and a seamless test day experience to help you get the score you need. .Wherever you want to go, taking IELTS with us will help you get there. We offer…

  • Free access to our most popular preparation course 'Road to IELTS' which includes nine videos with advice and tutorials, 100 interactive activities and two IELTS practice tests for each of the four skills.
  • A wide range of personalised and interactive preparation resources such as Facebook Live sessions, free weekly webinars and familiarisation tests for IELTS on computer or on paper.
  • Convenient dates and locations: we have over 800 official British Council test centres in countries all around the world, all of which are conveniently located and have modern facilities.
  • Five extra Test Report Forms for free: we send these free of charge to institutions you’re applying to (e.g. immigration offices, universities, etc.)
  • Easy booking and friendly, professional staff: you can book the test online with convenient payment options. Our experienced staff will help you every step of the way to make sure that your IELTS journey runs smoothly.

If you’re thinking of moving abroad for travel, work or study, book your IELTS test with the British Council to get closer to your goals.

Find out who accepts IELTS here.