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The Global Study Awards: Meet our winners

British Council IELTS, the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) and StudyPortals are proud to announce the winners of the Global Study Awards.

Since the Global Study Awards launched in 2015, nine exceptional winners have realised their dream to study abroad. Their experiences and stories are truly inspiring. 

And don’t forget, this could be you. Find out more about The Global Study Awards here.

In their own words

Winners 2017

"For long I have dreamed of pursuing my studies abroad and building a career in human rights. With the Global Study Awards I finally can. I cannot express my gratitude and how honored I feel to be one of the winners. I still have to pinch myself to make sure this is in fact happening. I will cherish this opportunity with all my heart and I am eager to produce a meaningful impact on my surroundings. I am ready to embark in this journey! "

Clara, Brazil

"While striving to realize my ambition to connect my country with the rest of the world through diplomacy, it is incredibly motivating and comforting to have someone believing in my abilities and willing to help me along the way. Winning this award has given me confidence to storm forward even harder"

Shine, Myanmar/Netherlands

"The Global Study Awards have reaffirmed my belief that with passion, effort and persistence everything is possible. I am incredibly grateful for this life changing opportunity which will allow me to pursue a degree at Oxford to continue advocating for a more transparent and humane world. I have no doubt this will be an inspiring experience and can´t wait to meet my future classmates!"

Amanda, Argentina

"Over the years, I have learned to dream big even if I don't have the means. Foreign post graduate education has been one of them and now I'm set to make it a reality. I am grateful to TGSA for believing in my potential. I will maximize this opportunity to achieve my career goals, and to inspire others to keep their dreams alive."

Kingston, Nigeria


Winners 2016

"There is a big mountain ahead of me; but with the help of the Global Study Awards team, I will enjoy the journey to the fullest level. This Masters Degree will enhance my experience, making me a stronger, more effective person with dynamic communication skills. I am ready to get to know this new culture and language: Greece, here I come!"

Rana, Palestine

"Two years ago, when I started my plan of studying abroad, I wouldn’t have dared think of winning an award as big as this one. I am very grateful for the belief in my potential. There were many ups and downs - the Global Study Awards is without a doubt the climax of this journey."

Jieh-Hen, Taiwan

"Sometimes, the enormity of one’s dreams may be overwhelming, but once they are broken down into smaller steps the journey to reaching them becomes less daunting and more manageable. The only thing left to do then, is to do it."

Miriam, Malaysia 

"I am working on promoting a more respectful and sustainable society and I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity that The Global Study Awards provides to me:  the chance to inspire others to follow my example and never stop stretching their minds!"

Jürgen, Austria

"I believe that the world is an oyster in terms of opportunities; and just when I decided to inch forward towards the pearl, The Global Study Awards brought me many steps closer to the process of reaching my dreams. In the future, I hope to give the world the gift that this award has given me: smiles."

Aparajeeta, India

"The word “University” in Chinese means “Great Learning”. Only by exposing ourselves to multiple cultures do we learn to appreciate a variety of values and identify our own positions in the world. The Global Study Awards opened another door for me to embrace diversity and promote mental health literacy worldwide."

Ho Wing, Hong Kong


Winners 2015


“Study Portals was an essential tool for research on quality of education, Australian culture and information about the Global Study Awards scholarship. Winning the award marks the beginning of an exciting journey that offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a difference not only as a youth, but as an African woman.”

Emily, Kenya


 “Being a winner of the Global Study Award allows me to further my dream with new opportunities and doors hopefully opening for my future career. I am ready to learn and connect with new people and embrace living in a country with different values, language and culture! United Kingdom, here I come!”

Eylem, Germany


“No single word in the English dictionary can be able to effectively describe how I felt when I got the news that I was one of the winners. I would have to create my own word! However, in this case, I am genuinely grateful and completely ECSTATIC to the journey the Global Study Award has encouraged before me.”

Roberta, Uganda

What are the Global Study Awards for?

The aim of the Global Study Awards is to encourage more students to study abroad, explore new cultures, further intercultural understanding and positively contribute to a global society. 

They were designed to support highly motivated, talented individuals who could demonstrate:

  • their potential to contribute to society through their studies
  • a strong commitment to developing their career
  • a sincere interest in increasing intercultural understanding and exchange.

There are nine awards, each with a value of £10,000. In the first instance, the money will go towards winners’ tuition fees, but anything left over can be used for living costs.