Friday 20 November 2020

This week, IELTS – the world’s most trusted English test - has launched a new campaign reminding us of the importance of human conversations. 

The campaign, which runs across social media in nine countries, is inspired by stories of three IELTS test takers as they achieve their life, study, career, and migration ambitions. 

IELTS developed the campaign in the wake of global lockdowns and physical distancing restrictions. 

Stephen Carey, Interim Head of IELTS at British council, said: “This year has made us rely on conversations, whether via video or telephone, more than ever. We’ve had to use our words to connect where, once, we would’ve used a hug or a handshake. 

“Our words have bridged the gaps in the distance we’ve had to create and the ability to articulate what we’re unable to display in actions has never been more pronounced. 

“IELTS is a test that brings with it the confidence to hold that conversation and to share those words – it’s an English Language test that empowers people to have the important conversations. Trusted by more than 10,000 organisations around the world, IELTS is the global benchmark for assessing a person’s English ability.”

The campaign launch comes as IELTS test centres have reopened around the world

With additional precautions in place to help create a safe test day experience, IELTS is delivering both paper-based and on computer testing in more than 130 countries.