IELTS benefits: Why take IELTS with the British Council

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With 90 years of experience in English language teaching, there’s no one better to study or take the test with. Not only do we support people to learn English, get a high-quality education and gain internationally recognised qualifications; we help them gain the skills, confidence and connections they need to transform their lives.  

We work in over 200 countries and territories, collaborating with governments and partners in the education, English language and cultural sectors. As co-owners of the test, we’re a trusted partner in both IELTS preparation and official testing. So you know you’re in safe hands.  

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What are the benefits of IELTS success?  

IELTS is taken in over 140 countries and is recognised by 12,000+ organisations. So, why do so many people choose IELTS over other tests? One reason is that IELTS sets the global benchmark for measuring English proficiency. In fact, IELTS is so widely trusted and accepted that is a key to unlocking global opportunities in the following areas: 

  • IELTS for Work - With an IELTS certification, you stand a better chance of landing job opportunities in English-speaking countries and in companies where English is the business language. And in today’s interconnected market, even small and medium-sized enterprises need English speakers. Learn more about IELTS for Work
  • IELTS for Study - Leading educational institutions in English-speaking countries often require IELTS scores for admission. A high IELTS score proves that you can succeed in the classroom, helping you stand out among other applicants. Learn more about IELTS for Study
  • IELTS for Immigration - Visa authorities in countries like the US, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the UK use IELTS scores to assess English skills. Getting the right IELTS score is often a requirement for studying, working, or moving to these countries. 

Why you should choose the British Council for your IELTS test 

With decades of experience and a global reputation for quality, the British Council has been the go-to choice for millions of IELTS test takers. The British Council is set apart from other options because we provide both IELTS test preparation support and the actual test. Here's why you should choose the British Council for your IELTS test: 

Unmatched preparation support

We provide more preparation than any other test provider through our IELTS Ready offer. Plus, when you book with us you unlock IELTS Ready Premium, which includes a personalised study plan and over 40 practice tests. Make sure you book early to make the most of these resources. 

Trusted, transparent and flexible

IELTS is jointly run by the British Council and our services are trusted by over 12,000 organisations worldwide. Depending on your location, you can choose between IELTS on paper or IELTS on computer. We also offer the option to take the new IELTS Online academic test that can be taken from the comfort of your home.

Simple booking and convenient dates and locations for your test

From booking your test to receiving your results, we have systems in place to guide you every step of the way. All official British Council IELTS test centres are modern, comfortable, and conveniently located. Test dates are scheduled throughout the year, letting you pick the date that best suits your calendar. 

Stress-free experience with a professional and friendly staff

From the moment you book your test to the day you get your results, we ensure a seamless, supportive, and transparent experience. Our classes are led by highly trained educational specialists. IELTS tests are run by experienced staff who ensure your test day runs smoothly.

One Skill Retake

When you take IELTS on computer with the British Council you also have access to the One Skill Retake option. This means you can retake a specific section of the test, rather than the entire test, saving time and money if you only want to improve your score in a single section. Check here to see if One Skill Retake is available in your country. 

How can the British Council help me prepare for my IELTS test? 

To prepare for your IELTS test, you should learn the IELTS test format and continue improving your English skills. We should know. We’re a co-creator of IELTS. Here are some examples of British Council resources that can help set you up for success:

IELTS Ready 

Our comprehensive IELTS test preparation offering, which includes study resources, practice tests, and masterclasses.

Practice tests

Perfect for building confidence, our free practice tests show you what types of tasks you’ll encounter and the kinds of answers you will be expected to provide.


Live IELTS coaching with an expert English teacher. Group classes and one-on-one coaching are available.

EnglishScore Tutors

Personalised online tutoring from certified tutors. These one-on-one classes will improve your English and help you speak with confidence, no matter your skill level. 

Learn more about the British Council's IELTS preparation resources 

How to book your IELTS test with the British Council 

Booking your IELTS test is easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide for booking your test, with extra details on the entire IELTS process. 

Booking Your Test 

Visit the ‘book your IELTS’ page — Once you’ve decided which IELTS test to take, go to the website and select your country. 

Choose how to take your IELTS test and book your test location and time.

Preparing for Test Day 

  1. Learn the test format — Complete practice tests so you know what to expect. 
  2. Improve your skills — Use the resources shared above to improve your English. 
  3. Get some sleep the day before — A well-rested mind will lead to a better performance. 
  4. Bring the right ID — Make sure to bring the ID document you used to register for the test. Typically, this would be your passport or national ID card. 
  5. Get there early — Ensure you arrive at least 45 minutes early to complete necessary security checks and seating arrangements.

On Test Day 

You'll be given specific instructions on the day of the test. The trained staff will guide you through the test process, including seating and timing. 

After the Test 

  1. Receive your results — You will receive an email telling you your results are available and how to access them. If you took the paper test, your results will be available typically within 13 days. Results for IELTS on computer are typically released within 3–5 days.  
  2. Submit your score to institutions — The British Council can send official hard copies of your results to educational institutions, employers, or immigration authorities. Your scores will also be available to share online. 

What are others saying about the British Council? 

If you're considering taking your test with the British Council, you're far from alone. Millions of people have already trusted the British Council with their IELTS experience. Here’s what some of them have to say.  

“I took IELTS on the computer, which was a really awesome experience! In the Reading test, I felt really relaxed since I could view the passage and questions side by side. If you ask me, typing on the keyboard is much better, as you can delete text easily, making your written work look immaculate.”  - Chiranjivi, Nepal 

“I received everything I needed to take my test via email as soon as I'd booked my test.  The practice tests and videos made me less nervous as I knew what to expect on the day.  I found the study materials easy to use.  I also attended the IELTS webinars, which were very helpful.” - Muhammad, Pakistan 

“One of the main reasons for my IELTS success is enrolling on the IELTS Coach online course offered by the British Council. It was a great privilege to take my test in a friendly environment with supportive staff.” - Dona, Sri Lanka 

“The British Council provides preparation materials, which is very useful if you're aiming for a high band score. Taking the mock tests was of great value because it gave me an idea of what to expect on test day.” - Fathima, Sri Lanka 

“I'm totally satisfied with my experience of taking IELTS with the British Council. The test was conducted in a convenient and professional manner. I'd definitely recommend it to those planning to relocate to an English-speaking country.” - Felipe, Philippines   

Achieve your IELTS goals with the British Council 

Who you choose to take your IELTS test with will have an impact on your final score. The wrong partner will lead to a more stressful experience and won’t provide support to help you succeed on IELTS.  

But the right partner — a partner like the British Council — has the experience to ensure a test-taking experience. Our preparation support also gives you the tools you need for IELTS success. If you’d like to take your test with us, then book your IELTS test today.

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