The best way for students to get a good mark in IELTS is for them to improve their general English ability, so getting your students to practice using our resources is the best place to start.

As an IELTS teacher, you will also need to familiarise yourself with the varying question types in different parts of the test so you can help your students to do the same.

IELTS teaching tips

Try taking a practice IELTS test yourself – there’s no better way to understand what your students will need to know.

To help you and your students, we have provided a range of resources to keep students engaged and on track to get the best possible IELTS score. 

The preparation material can be used in a number of ways, you can:

  • incorporate them into your lesson plan
  • use them as additional IELTS classroom resources
  • use them simply to expand your own knowledge.


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