To become an IELTS Examiner, applicants must undergo training and adhere to strict assessment criteria.

Recruitment process:

Applicant requirements

In order to apply, applicants must satisfy the following education and teaching qualifications and experience:

Education requirements:

  • an undergraduate degree (three years’ full-time academic study)


  • qualification(s) that can be demonstrated as an equivalent to an undergraduate degree or Master’s degree.

Teaching qualification requirements:

  • a TEFL or TESOL qualification (at or above certificate level) from a recognised institution


  • a degree in education (if supported by an undergraduate degree that involved a focused study of English Language).

Teaching experience requirements:

  • relevant and substantial experience teaching adult students (16+ years).

Assessments and interviews

Applications will be shortlisted. Successful applicants will be invited to interview.

Induction and training

Following an interview, applicants who are successful will then complete an induction. Applicants who successfully complete their induction then proceed to training. You will have four days of training in writing and speaking assessment, carried out by an Examiner.


If successful, you will then complete a set certification that will demonstrate whether you are able to apply the assessment criteria accurately and reliably. If successful, you will become a qualified examiner.

Monitoring, standardisation and re-certification

New examiners will be monitored at least three times in their first year. Thereafter, examiners are monitored at least once every two years, with a maximum of four evaluations in a single year.

All examiners will receive written feedback on their performance to help improve skills.

To apply:

If you are interested in becoming an IELTS Examiner, you can contact your local test centre for more detailed information on the application process.

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