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Are your students getting ready to take their IELTS? Are you interested in teaching IELTS? Or are you hoping to be an English-Language teacher?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, our IELTS webinars can help. They are free to join, delivered by English experts and created especially for anyone who will be helping students take the next step in the dreams of achieving a high IELTS score.

Webinars are held once a month at 12:00 pm UK time*.

*Please note that the UK changes its timings to British Summer Time (BST) from 26 March to 29 October 2023. Please make sure you check what time it is for you, as this could affect the time the webinars start in your country.

Webinars schedule: October-December 2023

Date and time Topic Description
Friday 15 December 2023 IELTS Speaking The webinar will start with a discussion of the format of the test and the assessment criteria. After that, we will go through each of the 3 parts of the test looking at the challenges and suggesting some solutions. We will offer concrete activities that you can share with your students.
Monday 15 January 2024 Dealing with Listening Part 4

This webinar will start with a very brief overview of the Listening Test. Then we will look at the difficulties our students have with Part 4 of the test. We will work through classroom activities using the audio scripts to help our students with listening to a lengthy talk possibly on an unknown topic, keeping up with the speaker and dealing with the density of information.

Thursday, 15 February An introduction to using the Band Descriptors for course design This webinar takes an in-depth look at what the Band Descriptors are, before providing a few suggestions for planning your course design. We’ll look at ways to cover specific points of the descriptors through a holistic, cross-skills approach to ensure every lesson meets a specific aim for both you and your students in their development towards their target band score.
Friday 15 March 2024 Writing Task 2: using sample answers

As usual, we will start this webinar with a brief overview of Writing Task 2 and discussion about using Band Descriptors. We will then go on to look at how sample and our students’ essays can be used for making our students aware of the use of extended and supported arguments, and of examples of good language. We will end with looking at how we can use these essays as skeletons for our students to build on.