With a world-leading English test like IELTS, your students can unlock more opportunities in more places across the globe. 


IELTS is accepted by more countries than any other test of English, over 12,000 organisations and institutions accept the test as proof of English language proficiency. We deliver millions of tests every year in 140 countries – and offer students the choice of how they take their test, on paper, computer in a test centre or online at home. 

Let’s talk benefits

With British Council teams in 100+ countries, your university, college, polytechnic or education organisation can rely on our support wherever you are in the world.

We can help you to:

  • Set up exclusive briefing sessions on IELTS so students are confident on test day
  • Give your staff everything they need to prepare your students for IELTS
  • Successfully deliver IELTS examinations on campus.