Get the benefits of becoming an IELTS teacher

Becoming an IELTS teacher can help you develop your English teaching career and improve your employment prospects. With test centres in more than 140 countries, teaching IELTS opens up opportunities to teach in over 140 destinations worldwide.

Witness the growth of your small group of students as they undertake their own IELTS journey, guided by your support and expertise. We provide our IELTS teachers with helpful course tips, along with access to a global network of resources, workshop materials and fellow IELTS teachers.

Download the IELTS teacher’s guide below to get an overview of the IELTS test structure, as well as tips from other teachers and information on how test takers are assessed.

Work on IELTS research projects

We offer a range of grants, fellowships and awards in the fields of linguistics and language education. Applications for research grants are open from April to June each year.

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