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Security Warning

Make sure you deal only with the genuine IELTS websites – always check the URL before booking a test.

Please be careful when booking your test. We have been made aware of fraudulent websites pretending to be the British Council IELTS registration sites. These sites are not associated with IELTS in any way and we are not responsible for the content available on these websites.

Tips on staying safe while booking IELTS:

Your security is of paramount importance, as is the integrity of our English language testing system. Follow these tips and stay secure. 

  1. Make sure your details are safe – please only book your test by clicking on the registration link here on the TakeIELTS website.
  2. Before entering any personal details, please check that you are using our secure online registration system by making sure the website address starts with “https://”. Fraudulent sites may use incorrect spellings in the website address, so check that “British Council” is spelt correctly.
  3. If you are not sure whether the site you’re using is safe, please use this link to book your IELTS test: Book IELTS.
Please DO NOT:
  • Let anyone offer to take your IELTS test for you.
  • Trust anyone offering IELTS results for sale as these promises are false.
  • Risk your integrity and your future by trying to cheat in any way.

If you ignore the above warning, you risk your money and your plans for the future. 

Why is security so important?

IELTS results are used for admission to universities, colleges, professional bodies, and for immigration to English-speaking countries. For this reason, it is essential to have safeguards in place to protect IELTS test results, as well as test takers’ data. 

If false documentation is submitted, immigration agencies and institutions that accept IELTS scores will cancel your application and exclude you from applying again. In addition, test takers engaging in malpractice may be liable to legal action.

IELTS is a world-leading English language proficiency test and will continue to protect the validity of its test scores and genuine test takers. 

What other security measures are in place?

We take extra precautions to ensure that your test results are secure, and we also have measures in place to safeguard against the falsification of IELTS results.

For instance, we will take your photograph on the day of your IELTS test; this will appear on your IELTS Test Report Form. These fraud prevention measures are in place to allow us to identify counterfeit Test Report Forms (TRFs).