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Improve your IELTS score next time

Want to improve your IELTS score? If you’re re-taking the test, follow these tips and beat your previous result.

If you want to improve your IELTS results, find out where your weaknesses lie and work on these areas. You should also study your Test Report Form to see which skills need more work. 

Advice for re-taking the test

To help you prepare for your next test, we suggest you:

  • Review your preparation activities
  • Consider how you performed on the test day
  • Consider taking a course to improve your English in any weaker areas

How did you prepare last time?

Think about how you prepared for your last test. Did you do enough?

Before your next IELTS test, make sure you:

Read our tips on how to succeed 

How did you perform on test day?

Test-day nerves can affect your performance. Think about your test day – what happened? Did you feel prepared? 

  • How did you perform on the day of your test?
  • Did you know where the test location was?
  • Did you arrive on time?
  • Were you as calm and relaxed as possible?
  • Was the format of the test familiar?
  • Did you know what to expect?

Consider taking a British Council preparation course

Taking an English course can really help test takers improve their score. Consider taking an IELTS preparation course created by the British Council. 

British Council courses are designed to help test takers improve all four skill areas: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. These comprehensive courses include workshops, seminars and mock tests.

Taking an IELTS preparation course will help you:

  • Practise the type of tasks you’ll encounter on an IELTS test (e.g. writing a short essay or letter for the Writing test)
  • Get feedback and learn from your answers to the practice questions
  • Become more confident in your test-taking skills

Your teacher can advise you about your skill level and whether you are ready to re-take your test. Use the feedback you receive to improve specific skills needed for speaking, listening, reading and writing English.

Re-taking the test

You can take IELTS as many times as you like. Before you re-take your test, take a look at our Test day advice to ensure that you’re ready to perform at your best.

Remember, practise makes perfect! Make sure you take advantage of all the practice resources and materials on offer to IELTS test takers.