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Partner with British Council to become an IELTS Trial Testing centre 

We would like to invite you and your institution to become an IELTS Trial testing centre and enable your course participants to experience taking the world’s most popular and trusted language test.

What is IELTS Trial Testing?

The IELTS Trial Test is a practice test that is taken at a test venue and is valuable preparation for when test takers are ready to take an official IELTS test. 

Trial Testing is also extremely important for the ongoing research and development that makes IELTS the world’s most trusted test. 

What are the benefits of Trial Testing for my organisation?

Visit our Trial Testing page to understand more about its benefits to your organisation and how you can partner with British Council to deliver IELTS Trial Testing.

You can also contact us at IELTS_TrialTesting@britishcouncil.org to get additional information. 

Why should I become a Trial Test location?

There are various benefits of becoming a British Council IELTS Trial test location. By partnering with one of the world’s leading names in education, you can:

  • Promote your educational institution, by providing a value-added service for both prospective and existing students.
  • Give learners a chance to practise taking an IELTS exam using genuine questions under exam conditions. This experience gives Test Takers the opportunity to practise their exam technique therefore building their confidence through familiarising themselves with the examination process. 
  • Provide your students an indication of their CEFR levels for their Listening, Reading and Writing skills.
  • Be part of a partnership programme developing IELTS test content.

How do I become a Trial Test location?

For more information on Trial Testing and to understand if your institution would be a suitable location, please complete this form or contact us at IELTS_TrialTesting@britishcouncil.org