Lets talk impact

As the preferred global English language test , IELTS helps you find the best candidates for your organisation.

Let’s talk reputation  

Our reputation as the world’s leading English test for study, work and migration is something we are extremely proud of – and we fully understand  your need to protect your hard-earned reputation. 

Results fraud can be damaging and is something we want to work with all our recognising organisations to prevent. the IELTS Results Verification Service  allows organisations to check that the results you receive match the results on our database. 

Let’s talk simplicity

We understand your need to verify genuine scores efficiently, which is why the Results Verification Service is fast, secure and easy to use! 

Let’s talk test security 

Security is at the heart of what we do, which helps us  protect the interests of organisations like yours, who rely on the integrity of IELTS test results. Our approach to test security can be seen at all stages, from registration to issuance of the Test Report Form (TRF). 

As an additional safeguard against fraudulent documents, we encourage you to verify every IELTS result presented to you. 

If you notice a mismatch between the scores you receive and the scores on our database, please contact the British Council relationship management team by emailing IELTS.Verification@britishcouncil.org

Let’s talk trust  

We’ve been leaders in language testing for more than 30 years and are trusted by over 12,000 organisations, including yours. This trust stems from the fact that IELTS results are a reliable indicator of a test taker's ability to communicate in English.

Verifying IELTS scores enables you to build trust with your candidates and ensures you can rely on the scores you receive.

What’s next?

If you aren’t yet using our Results Verification Service, register for access today! 

If you’re already using it, consider whether you would prefer to receive results in bulk, or receive electronic Test Report Forms rather than paper. You can update your preferences here.

To learn more about verifying IELTS results, sign up for our information session.