Lets talk impact

We know that being able to trust test results matters. It matters for business success, for ease of administration, and for reputation. 

That’s why the IELTS test and verification process are designed to such high standards. 

We do things a certain way to provide secure, accurate testing for results  you can rely on. 

Quality tests, quality results

IELTS has been setting standards in English language testing for over 30 years and is the world's most popular English language test for higher education and global migration. 

Millions of tests are taken every year in 140 countries, and over 12,000 organisations and institutions accept the test as proof of English language proficiency.

Examiners are fully qualified, trained, and certified English language specialists and testing is measured against international benchmarks.

The combination of our values, experience, and the tried and tested processes we implement, means  you can be confident that IELTS results accurately convey a test taker's ability.


IELTS is the gold standard when it comes to secure, accurate and reliable English language tests you can trust.

By using our expert and internationally recognised system, you can be assured you’re working with the best provider, to obtain the very best talent for your organisation.

Let’s talk benefits

As an organisation using IELTS, you gain a wide range of benefits:

  • Feature on our global database, used by over 3.5 million test takers every year
  • Quickly identify applicants with the English-speaking skills most relevant to your organisation’s need
  • Gain access to the FREE IELTS Results Verification Service to streamline and strengthen your application process
  • Receive free training and support from our teams, join webinars, and access our wide range of educational and test preparation materials 
  • Set your IELTS entry scores to match your requirements.

A closer look at results verification

The IELTS Verification Service is a free and secure online service which lets you:

  • Quickly verify that an applicant is presenting a genuine Test Report Form by checking that the results they share match the results on the IELTS database
  • Download electronic Test Report Forms in batches

If you notice a result that doesn’t match, contact the British Council relationship management team by emailing IELTS.Verification@britishcouncil.org.