The London College of Business was founded in 2005. The mission of LCB is to “provide affordable, excellent academic and professional education underpinned by creative work, scholarship and ethical values extending to:High quality undergraduate and postgraduate educationPromote critical and ethical thinkingAppeal to different learning stylesAffordable education to all deserving and meritorious students”We believe that the quality, integrity and critical nature of the British higher education system can benefit the whole world, if it is made available. Hence, it is our goal to offer the highest quality education possible, though affordable for the world’s students, whether in Britain or elsewhere. We believe that learning should be an intimate educational experience, such that student engagement is at the centre of what we aim to achieve. Our college must remain responsive to student needs and be free to evolve its curricula naturally as the field of knowledge expands. Our independence allows us to embody these values.

IELTS academic minimum score: 6.00
IELTS academic minimum score: 6.50
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