Resume your journey with IELTS

We have resumed IELTS testing in more than 100 countries where it is permitted and safe to do so, with additional precautions in place to help protect the health of test takers and staff.

In particular, we ask test takers not to attend an IELTS test if they have been in contact with anybody suspected to have been exposed to novel coronavirus (Covid-19), or who have a cough, fever or are showing signs of being short of breath. 

  • We’ll be regularly sanitising all our venues 
  • We’ll be following local guidance on test takers and staff wearing masks and gloves
  • To ensure social distancing, tables in our test rooms will be placed 2 metres apart

Additional requirements may apply depending on the region where you are taking the test.

The first step in making sure you are ready to take IELTS is to prepare for it so you know what to expect on the test day.  We offer a range of support material to ensure you’re prepared for the test:

Free on purchase of IELTS with us

  • Road to IELTS - our online preparation course with 100 interactive activities and two practice tests for each of the four skills. 
  • IELTS WordReady - online vocabulary practice 

Additional support