IELTS assessment criteria

Investigate how IELTS writing and speaking papers are marked so you can help your students understand what the examiners are looking for. You can also use the IELTS assessment criteria to help students of different levels prepare for the test in the same class.

To understand how IELTS band scores relate to CEFR levels and other Cambridge Assessment English exams, check the IELTS CEFR diagram. Find out which IELTS band scores your students will need for different university courses or other uses at Who accepts IELTS.

IELTS writing assessment criteria

The IELTS Writing assessment criteria can help you and your students understand the main features of writing in English. You can use the IELTS Writing public band descriptors to be more focussed and accurate when marking your students’ writing. Focus particularly on bands 5, 6 and 7 and simplify the key differences between them to make these clear to your students. Focus on model answers for different band scores and use the criteria to understand why sample writing answers get certain IELTS band scores. You can also use the criteria to challenge higher level students to improve specific aspects of their writing in English.

IELTS speaking assessment criteria

The IELTS Speaking assessment criteria will help you and your students identify their strong points and weak points in speaking and the areas they need to improve on. Use the criteria to help your students understand what the various features of spoken English mean at different levels. Watch our series of videos on the IELTS Speaking assessment criteria. Refer to the criteria to understand the band scores given for IELTS speaking samples and to help your students understand how they can work on specific aspects of their speaking such as their pronunciation.

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