AutoUni is a Group-owned institute of further education with a scientific focus. It offers a range of tailor-made further education courses that cover professional family-specific and cross-professional family knowledge, and incorporates new findings and methods from research into the company. AutoUni supports the ongoing professional development of the experts and specialists in the Group by facilitating the acquisition of specialist academic knowledge. In its numerous curriculum courses and research projects, it accesses the latest knowledge from research institutions and universities and teaches it by means of innovative learning formats. The aim of AutoUni is to improve the level of technical excellence within the professional families and to promote networking amongst the specialists. As AutoUni is a Group-owned institution of further education, its training measures are aimed at all employees of the various brands, across all locations. It has an international focus and has already held a number of events throughout the entire world. Its programmes are run by the various AutoUni institutes. For example, the Institute for Automotive Technology offers training measures in areas including electric mobility, materials, chassis and energy and environment.

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  • Germany