Nayomi Abeysekara (Head of English ACBT), receiving one of ACBT’s many awards from Simon Creasey (then British Council Country Examination Manger). Also pictured: Shazna Razik (ACBT), Shafick Jiffery,  Devprakash Peiris, and Dileepa Manawadu (all British Council Sri-Lanka).

Australian College of Business and Technology (ACBT) 

Australian College of Business and Technology (ACBT) has gained an exceptional reputation as an IELTS Test Centre in Sri Lanka over nearly two decades. It is also a well-equipped preparation centre, guiding candidates to their expected band score.

ACBT’s partnership with British Council provides candidates with a fully-fledged test experience from the point of registration to taking the test. The manual and online test registration options allow a wider outreach in the country while the excellent coordination between British Council and ACBT staff creates the best test experience for candidates. As a result, ACBT has been awarded the Strategic Partner of the Year, Platinum Partner for Corporate Category, Best Test Venue and Best Performing Partner for Corporate Category in the annual British Council IELTS Partnership Programme awards every year since 2017.

The IELTS preparation programme delivered by the Department of English at ACBT is diverse and complements the test experience of the candidates. As well as the broad choice of courses and workshops offered by ACBT, all learners receive study packs together with individual guidance and consultations from its expert lecturer panel.  The English Department at ACBT ensures that all its lecturers possess post-graduate qualifications in English studies, Cambridge CELTA, and obtain regular annual training from the British Council to ensure optimum quality of the delivery of programmes. All learners are also entitled to free use of the Road to IELTS platform, which the lecturers actively utilize in their instruction and practice tasks during the preparation programmes. This online learning tool has proven to be especially useful among the ‘new normal’ study trends during the present pandemic.

In this way, the reputation of ACBT as the leading IELTS test and preparation provider in the country is the result of a strong collaboration with British Council as well as its adherence to highest standards of teaching and constant quality assurance of the preparation programmes and test taker experience.