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EnglishScore Tutors is British Council’s 1-to-1 tutoring service where you can prepare for your IELTS test with a professional IELTS tutor. With a number of preparation courses for you to choose from, you can get ready for your IELTS test, whether it's a week or a few months away. 

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What is EnglishScore Tutors?

  • private 1-to-1 training sessions
  • British Council approved tutors trained in IELTS preparation
  • flexible sessions focused on your level, goal and time.

"I received my IELTS results today and got all the required marks! I'm so glad that I got to work with my tutor. She was amazing. I definitely would not have received the marks that I got without her help.
If you want an amazing tutor, as well as someone to connect with emotionally, Fiona is the go-to! She kept in touch after I wrote the IELTS to find out if I made it. She is such a caring person. I appreciate you Fiona!" 

Michelle B, March 2024

An IELTS preparation course perfect for your needs

Rapid Revision - Only have 1-2 weeks until your exam? Get some last minute practice with our Rapid Revision course including 5 personal sessions. 

Advanced Study - If your test is 4+ weeks away, choose our Advanced Study course including 20 personal sessions.

Each IELTS preparation course includes:

  • personal 1-to-1 training sessions
  • personalised learning plan (based on your level and goal)
  • access to IELTS study materials (activities, example test papers to discuss with your tutor).

Personalised, flexible learning 

Our 1-to-1 lessons are completely tailored to your needs. Work with your tutor to understand your current level, discuss the areas you need to focus on to get your desired score and build a learning plan to get you there. After every lesson, your tutor will leave you detailed feedback on your speaking performance.

Learn from the best

Our IELTS tutors are experienced in helping thousands of students prepare for their IELTS test and get the grade they want. Each tutor holds a teaching qualification and have spent lots of time understanding how best to prepare learners for IELTS exams.

You can meet our tutors via their short video presentations to better understand their professional experience, educational background, and accent. They are available 24/7 - including weekends and holidays – so you can plan lessons at times that work for you.

Our system helps you stay on track, monitor your progress and reach your IELTS goal.

Try your first session for $1

All you need is a computer, Google Chrome, a webcam, a microphone and an internet connection.

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