IELTS teaching resources

IELTS has helped millions of students achieve their ambitions of living in an English-speaking country. Be a part of their success story with these essential teaching resources. 

With a successful IELTS score and your help, test takers can access unlimited opportunities abroad. 

Use these IELTS teaching resources from the British Council and help to steer your students towards success in their career, studies or new life in an English-speaking country. 

Download our classroom support tools for IELTS teachers below – including tips on how to help struggling students, preparation advice, tasks for more advanced students and other classroom activities.

More IELTS teaching resources:

  • Register for the British Council’s free e-learning course, Road to IELTS: Access to free preparation materials to support IELTS test takers and teachers. You can also check out the Results Manager feature if your institute has signed up for this.
  • Visit TeachingEnglish, the British Council website dedicated to English language teachers: Find support and advice from IELTS experts, including lesson plans, videos, publications and more.
  • Get more advice and information about IELTS on the British Council’s LearnEnglish website.

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