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Academic Writing - Task One

Lesson plan Description  
Describing data and making approximations Through introduction and practice of the language to describe increases and decreases, this lesson develops students' ability to describe changes in charts. With a sample line graph and bar chart, students are encouraged to write accurate sentences describing data including approximate amounts.  View lesson
Developing range of grammatical structures and lexis This lesson provides extensive practice of sentence writing to help students develop their Grammatical Range and Accuracy, and Lexical Resource. By analysing the language of a sample answer and several sentence-transformation tasks, students will identify and practise a variety of ways to demonstrate accuracy and range in their own use of language.  View lesson
Writing the overview By focusing on one aspect of Academic Task 1, the overview, this lesson develops students' ability to select key information to form the basis of this essential element in their response. After looking at a number of bar charts to identify the main trends / key features, students will then have practice of writing their own overviews. View lesson
Grammatical structures for describing diagrams In this lesson, students will look at two different process diagrams and the language required for their description. With analysis and practice of sentence structures for describing cause and result, and relative clauses, students will develop their grammatical range, and ability to write more complex sentences.  View lesson

Writing - Task Two

Lesson plan Description  
Developing arguments With a focus on planning and preparing to write, this lesson develops students’ ability to examine the question and generate ideas.  By analysing the use of cohesive devices in two different ways to balance an argument, students are encouraged to provide coherent and cohesive responses in a final practice writing task.  View lesson
Developing paragraphs This lesson provides extensive practice of building cohesive sentences to form fully coherent paragraphs. Through analysis of sentence and paragraph structure, including practice of writing complex sentences, students will develop their ability to write logical and fully-supported responses.  View lesson
Essay structure and writing an introduction This lesson introduces two possible essay structures in response to opinion or 2-sided argument essay questions. Students will work through activities to help them prepare to write before analysis of an effective introduction. Students are then given the opportunity to put this into practice in a final Task 2 essay question.  View lesson
Problems and solutions By analysing the question type and preparing to write, students will develop their awareness of this type of Task 2 question before looking at the language of cause and effect. Activities which require students to use these appropriate phrases, as well as language to express purpose at sentence level, prepare students to write a final problems and solutions Task 2 essay. View lesson
Coherence and Cohesion With a focus on this criterion of the band descriptors, this lesson introduces the concepts of Coherence and Cohesion in Writing Task 2.  From task analysis, essay planning to topic sentences and cohesive devices, students also have practice of developing coherent and cohesive responses in a final writing task. View lesson