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Lesson plan Description  
Developing Reading Skills This comprehensive lesson introduces students to the sub-skills of reading that are essential for the IELTS Reading test. Exercises which allow students to identify the skills of surveying, skimming and scanning help to prepare them for the application of these skills in a final test practice. This practice stage provides an opportunity to focus on close reading and a final analysis of how and when to use each of the essential reading skills. View lesson
General Training Reading This lesson provides an overview of what can be expected in the General Training Reading Test. Beginning with a familiarisation activity to raise awareness of its format, the lesson then provides practice in dealing with multiple texts – a feature of the first two sections of GT Reading. This lesson also consolidates the main reading skills that are essential across both Academic and GT Reading Tests.   View lesson
Dealing with T/F/NG (and Y/N/NG) questions Starting with an analysis of the question type, this lesson helps students clarify the differences between the options, true/yes, false/no and not given. Employing the reading skills covered in previous lessons, students are then introduced to a strategy to help clarify the statements provided and locate answers with a greater degree of confidence. This strategy is then put into practice with an IELTS reading text.  View lesson
Dealing with Matching Headings questions From a general overview of the text to a specific search for topic sentences, this lesson follows a step-by-step breakdown of strategy which involves the reading skills covered in the lesson at the top of this page. Students are supported in their application of strategy before final test practice. View lesson
Dealing with Completion questions Through a jigsaw task and peer-teaching, this dynamic lesson raises awareness of the common threads running through Summary, Note, Table and Flow chart completion questions. Splitting the class into expert groups on each type allows for a guided discovery approach to strategy which is then consolidated in open class. A focus on instructions allows for clarification of the need for accuracy in these question types.  View lesson
Dealing with Matching Features questions  This lesson begins with a quick practice task which familiarises students with an idea of types of features and characteristics that they could be asked to look for in a text. A clear application of the previously-covered reading skills then allows students to arrive at a possible strategy to apply to this question type.  Finishing with test practice, students can immediately put this strategy to use.  View lesson
Dealing with Short Answer questions Effective exam-taking practices are encouraged in this lesson through an application of reading skills which help students navigate a text quickly and accurately. This leads to a specific focus on the identification of key words, synonyms and scanning skills. Following on from this practice, students are then given the chance to reflect on their approach and identify the strategy used before applying this to an additional test practice task.  View lesson