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Browse our collection of free lesson plans to help you familiarise students with IELTS and prepare them for their Speaking test. 

Speaking Part One

Lesson plan Description  
Test familiarisation and lexical resource This familiarisation lesson raises awareness of the format of the Speaking section of IELTS through an introductory quiz, an analysis of model answers and practice of Part 1. Students will gain an understanding of the potential topics of this part of the test and the vocabulary that may be required. View lesson
Developing fluency and coherence This lesson develops students’ ability to identify and use appropriate words and phrases to introduce opinions, reasons, results and facts, as well as to link ideas and express uncertainty. With practice of Part 1 questions, students are encouraged to use these words and phrases to provide extended answers.  View lesson
Grammatical range and accuracy and lexical resource With a focus on upgrading and improving answers, this lesson raises awareness of the need to demonstrate a wide range of both grammar and vocabulary in the Speaking section of the IELTS test. Students will analyse sample responses and produce their own examples before practice of Part 1 questions. View lesson
Question making This lesson provides extensive practice of Part 1 of the Speaking section of the IELTS test by giving students the opportunity to design their own questions on a variety of Part 1 topics and use these in paired speaking practice.  View lesson

Speaking Part Two

Lesson plan Description  
Improving grammatical range and accuracy With a focus on the range and  accurate use of verb tenses, this lesson helps students to develop the structures used in their own responses to the Long Turn of the IELTS Speaking section. Through identifying accurate use of discourse markers, students are also given practice of extending their responses by using a range of cohesive devices.  View lesson
Improving lexical resource Beginning with a communicative crossword, this fun lesson looks at the language of description and definition that is often required in Part 2 of the IELTS Speaking section. Students will use paraphrasing, rephrasing and synonyms to describe objects, concepts and events.  View lesson
Using PPF (past, present and future strategy) This lesson introduces one possible strategy to help students develop their response in Part 2 of the IELTS Speaking section by referring to different times. Through an analysis of tense use, this lesson also helps students to develop their own grammatical range and accuracy in practice of Part 2 style questions.  View lesson

Speaking Part Three

Lesson plan Description  
Overview and practice This lesson begins with a review of what to expect in Part 3 of the Speaking section of the IELTS test. Students are then introduced to expressions to ‘buy time’ to think and are encouraged to consider alternative perspectives to ensure they are able to provide appropriately-extended answers in a final Part 3 practice task. View lesson
Using linking devices Through matching tasks and analysis of use, this lesson develops students’ ability to identify and employ appropriate linking devices for comparing, commenting, speculating, explaining and generalising. Through a number of Part 3 practice questions, students will put these devices into use in providing extensive responses.  View lesson