Students and teachers in the classroom

The British Council has a range of free IELTS preparation material and advice; both to enable your test takers to do well on the test, and to improve the skills of your teachers. 

Preparation materials for test takers

  • With our IELTS Ready study resources, you have access to a wealth of materials that cover all aspects of the IELTS test. From grammar and vocabulary exercises to reading and listening comprehension practice, our resources are there to help you check and improve your skills, so you get the IELTS score that you want. Whether you prefer studying on your own or with the advice of our experts, IELTS Ready has all the materials to help you make your IELTS test a success.
  • Free IELTS practice tests: The practice tests will familiarise test takers with the test format and the types of tasks involved in the IELTS test. They can also test themselves under timed conditions and review their answers by comparing them with model answers.
  • IELTS mobile apps: Our free preparation apps can help your test takers prepare anywhere, anytime. They will give a comprehensive overview of the IELTS Speaking and Listening sections and include Listening and Speaking practice tests.
  • Videos: We have a range of videos explaining how to prepare for each section of the test, plus real footage of test takers sharing IELTS preparation techniques.
  • Preparation books and study guides: We have a wide range of IELTS preparation material available, created by some of the world’s leading English language specialists.

Preparation materials for teachers

  • Lessons and activity plans: Use our downloadable lessons and activity plans, specifically designed to improve English skills and familiarise students with IELTS.
  • TeachingEnglish website: Whether you’re new to English language teaching or you’re taking the next steps in your career and development, you will find valuable help and opportunities on our Teaching English website.

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