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How to book IELTS

Book IELTS with the British Council online, or at your nearest test centre.

Before booking your IELTS test, please read this security warning.

You will need to book your test either through your nearest test centre or online, depending on local arrangements.

Check which version of IELTS you need before booking!

Remember IELTS comes in two versions - IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training:

  • check the requirements of your chosen organisation or institution by searching on Who accepts IELTS?
  • if you plan to emigrate, contact the relevant immigration authority to find out which version of IELTS you need, and the score required

Follow the steps below to ensure that you book your IELTS test successfully:

How to book your test

Go to Book now and find a convenient test location in the country of your preference: you can search our map or use the drop-down menu.
On the country page, review the test locations and upcoming test dates.
On the country page, review the details of the passport, photograph, ID and documentary information you will need to complete the application process.
Review the payment amount and method you need to use.
When you are ready to book your test, assemble the identification, and other documentary information that you require before you complete the application form.
Complete the application form to book your test; we recommend that you book online (where available) as this is the most efficient way to reserve your test with a British Council Test Centre.
List the details of five organisations that you would like your Test Report Form sent to.
Inform your test centre as soon as possible if you have a disability or other condition and need us to make special arrangements for you on test day. If you are booking online, make this clear in your application.
Once you have submitted your application remember to note and carry-out any instructions.

The address where you take the test may be confirmed after booking and is often different to the administrative address of the test centre.

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