Take your IELTS test with confidence - sign up for an IELTS preparation course designed by experts at the British Council. 

Studying with the British Council gives you access to over 80 years of experience and expertise in English language teaching and assessment. Our course will help you prepare to the best of your ability, paving the way for a better performance. There’s no better place to prepare.

In addition to our IELTS preparation courses, we also offer:

  • workshops
  • seminars
  • mock tests.

Effective courses taught by experts

British Council preparation courses are taught by highly qualified English specialists. They are designed specifically to support people taking the IELTS test. 

They cover listening, reading, writing and speaking, allowing you to practice and boost your confidence in all four areas of the test.

Face-to-face options in most countries 

For those who learn best through direct contact with a teacher, face-to-face courses are especially useful. For example, a face-to-face IELTS preparation course may include an element of personalised guidance and feedback. This can help identify your specific strengths and weaknesses, which can be invaluable in indicating where – and how – you might improve

Is there an IELTS exam preparation course near me?

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If no IELTS preparation course is currently available in your area, you will be directed to our free preparation materials. These include practice papers, webinars, Facebook Live sessions and more, which are all available free of charge.