As one of the British Council’s most popular online preparation courses, Road to IELTS will help you prepare for your test in the best way possible.

The course includes:

  • online resource material for IELTS Academic and General Training
  • practice zones and e-books to help you prepare for the Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking sections
  • sample videos including advice from previous test takers
  • teacher tutorials that highlight test dos and don’ts
  • timed practice tests
  • a “My Progress” section that helps you examine your performance in comparison to other students’
  • a “My Profile” section that will help to remind you of the date of your test.

How Road to IELTS will help you

You will get:

  •  instant performance feedback to help track your personal progress
  • access to correct answers for practice exercises to help you understand any mistakes
  •  tips and advice for improving your test performance
  • tasks based on existing IELTS exercises to help boost your confidence.

Try our Road to IELTS resources right now with a free 10 hours of study. 

Sign-up for Road to IELTS

1 - Road to IELTS Test Drive - Free versionJump start your IELTS journey with Road to IELTS Test Drive. This gives you all the essentials you need:

  • 30 interactive exercises
  • four videos giving tips and advice
  • one practice test for each of the four skills.

Try Road to IELTS test drive version: Academic and General Training.

2 - Road to IELTS Last Minute - Preparing for IELTS? Get started with Road to IELTS Last Minute. This includes:

  • nine videos giving advice and tutorials
  • 100 interactive activities
  • two practice tests for each of the four skills.

What’s more, it’s free when you register for IELTS with the British Council.

3 - Road to IELTS Full Version - Road to IELTS Full Version is the British Council’s comprehensive, 100% online IELTS preparation course. This includes:

  • over 300 interactive activities
  • 13 videos giving advice and tutorials
  • 36 practice tests.

Our official IELTS practice materials give you everything you need to get a great IELTS score!