IELTS Ready Premium

British Council is committed to helping you get the IELTS score you need to get on with your future. Exclusively available to all British Council IELTS test takers, IELTS Ready: Premium (powered by GEL IELTS Prep) is your pathway to success.

As you complete practice, IELTS Ready: Premium will adapt and personalise your study plan to help you get the score you need.  

Access is free and unlimited for British Council IELTS test takers. All you need to do is book your test with the British Council and get started! 

Here’s what you can expect from IELTS Ready: Premium

  • 40 practice tests—speaking, writing, reading and listening
  • writing practice with model answers to show you what examiners are looking for
  • feedback on every reading and listening question
  • skills masterclasses to prepare you for test day
  • exercises to help practice Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking skills.
  • practice test feedback on Writing and Speaking from a British Council IELTS expert.
“The answers to my questions were genuinely helpful. Watching the online classes was crucial for me to get used to the test’s structure and to understand what examiners are looking for. Without the classes and exercises I probably wouldn’t feel confident enough for the exam. I thoroughly recommend the platform and if I take the test again in the future, I’m definitely going to use the platform again.” Catarina, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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