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Discover IELTS Ready Member

IELTS Ready Member provides you with free access to essential resources such as sample questions, model answers, and vocabulary exercises.

If you need to take an English Language test for studying or working in an English-speaking environment, IELTS Ready Member gives you a good overview of available preparation materials and allows you to find out more about the test structure and format.

Likewise, IELTS Ready Member is the right choice if you have already decided to take an IELTS test, but are not ready to book just yet. It will help you to start preparing and familiarise yourself more closely with the test format and test tasks.

Using IELTS Ready Member will help you get valuable tips on how to do well on the day of your test.

Familiarise yourself with the test format and scoring

Get tips and watch videos from experts and test takers on how to improve your score​.

Get answers to your questions with recorded IELTS preparation webinars

Run by a qualified IELTS expert, these recorded webinars provide in-depth guidance on various aspects of the test. 

Whether you are just starting your IELTS journey or want to repeat your test - we have you covered

If you have just decided to take an IELTS test or are looking to improve your results from a previously taken test, our videos offer valuable insights and tips to put you at ease for your IELTS test. 

With IELTS Ready Member, you get you free access to 12 videos, categorised by the four skills you need for your IELTS test: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. So whether you are taking your IELTS test for the first time or need to repeat your test, you can focus on the skills you want to improve.

​Put your knowledge to the test

Gain more confidence by preparing with our practice exercises and six mock tests for all four IELTS skills, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, previously only available when purchasing Road to IELTS. If you take our free practice and mock tests, there will be no surprises on your test day.

If you have been using the IELTS Study Pack previously to prepare, this is now being replaced by IELTS Ready Member.

How to access IELTS Ready Member

You don’t have to book an IELTS test to access IELTS Ready Member. It is free and you can access it anytime and from anywhere without booking an IELTS Test.

Preparing for IELTS made easy

British Council has the best preparation materials and the progress rating will give you a sense of readiness and ease your nerves​.
Sthembekile Mangena, Sri Lanka