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IELTS Ready Premium offers you a wealth of preparation materials, spanning more than 80 hours. We recommend you book your IELTS test early to boost your English language skills with our practice exercises, mock tests and lessons delivered by experts.

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How to access IELTS Ready Premium

IELTS Ready Premium is free and unlimited once you have booked your test with us. Simply log in to the Test Taker Portal after you have booked and start preparing for your test day.

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“The answers to my questions were genuinely helpful. Watching the online classes was crucial for me to get used to the test’s structure and to understand what examiners are looking for. Without the classes and exercises I probably wouldn’t feel confident enough for the exam.
I thoroughly recommend the platform and if I take the test again in the future, I’m definitely going to use the platform again.” 

Catarina, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  I'm delighted to let you know that I did well in my test, despite having personal challenges that caused me to have very little time for presentation. I got a 6 which to me was good considering my time of preparation. Your site helped me a great deal especially going through the questions and answers. The exercises gave me an understanding of what to expect in the main tests. Thanks a lot for offering your site to us. It's very helpful. Thanks for the positive feedback. And thank you for the wonderful self-learning tools. Honestly, I have spent less than 10,0000 yuan to buy specialized classes to improve my IELTS scores. But none of them is more useful than yours. They’re mostly formulaic and not systematic. But your classes are well-structured and overwhelmingly good. I just took 4 or5 day classes, and this is the first time I got band 8.5 for my reading part. Before that, I was struggling between band 6.5 and 7. What native speaking teachers have taught are very easy to follow! I appreciate everything you'll have done to students!