The test taker can cancel an IELTS Online test at any point. Depending on circumstances, the IELTS partners will apply one of two actions: 

  • Cancel the test with no refund of test fee. 
  • Cancel the test and refund test fee in full. 

We do not charge administration fees for cancellations. 

Test takers who wish to transfer will need to cancel their test and rebook a new test date. 

Cancel test and no refund 

The IELTS Partners will cancel the test or test component and not issue a refund or a test result in the following cases.  

The test taker… 

1.1 Cancels their test or requests a transfer less than 72 hours before the first test component. 

1.2 Cancels their test or requests a transfer between the first and second component.

1.3 Does not attend the test as scheduled. 

1.4 Abandons the test or leaves the test room without permission while the test is in progress. 

1.5 Commits or attempts to commit malpractice i.e., any kind of cheating. 

1.6 Fails in-room security checks using computer camera and/or handheld device. 

1.7 Fails ID verification checks on test day. 

1.8 Experiences internet connectivity issues that cause causing test abandonment or cancellation. 

1.9 Refuses to give their consent for audio / video recording to take place. 

 At IELTS Partner discretion… 

1.10 A test may be cancelled and the test taker may be ineligible for a refund should they fail to comply with the conditions listed in Terms and Conditions Section 6. Test Day Arrangements and Behaviours. 

Provisions 1.1 – 1.4 may be waived and a refund issued if the test taker provides a doctor’s note or certificate within 72 hours of the incident. The IELTS partners will evaluate each case on its merits and their decision will be final. 

Cancel test and issue a refund 

The IELTS Partners will cancel the test and issue a refund in the following circumstances: 

1.1 Test taker cancels their test or requests a transfer more than 72 hours before the first test component. 

1.2 The IELTS Partners cancel the test for whatever reason.   

Note: If local consumer protection law in the country where you have registered to take the IELTS Online provides for cancellation and transfer rights which are more favourable to the test taker than the rights set out above, then local consumer protection law will apply.