Highlighting sections of text in your IELTS on computer test is an easy and useful way to identify key information, such as important bits of a question, or to improve your comprehension of a specific text. If you think you might take advantage of this feature, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the highlight function before sitting down to take the test.

This video will help you prepare by showing you how to add and remove highlights in IELTS on computer tests, and what this process looks like on screen.

In this video, you will see:

  • How to add a highlight: simply left click and drag your cursor over the section of text you wish to highlight, then right click and select the ‘highlight’ option.
  • How to remove a highlight: simply right click on the highlighted area and select ‘clear all’.

It’s important to note that you don’t need to remove any highlighting before moving on to the next question in your test. Your examiner will not be able to see whether or where you’ve made use of this feature, so you can highlight as much or as little text as you want without any impact on your test result.

Being prepared

Knowing what to expect when you sit down to take your IELTS on computer test can help you feel more comfortable on the day. If you found it useful to see how to use the highlight function, you might also want to watch some of our other videos designed to help you prepare for your test. 

Another helpful way to prepare yourself for IELTS is by signing up for the free familiarisation test. It will give you a chance to practice in similar circumstances to test day so you can be as confident as possible when it comes to taking the actual IELTS.