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What is the IELTS Trial Test?

The IELTS Trial Test is a practice test you can take at an official IELTS test centre.

Taking an IELTS Trial Test is valuable preparation for when you are ready to take an official IELTS test.

The IELTS Trial Test is available for the IELTS Academic and General Training versions in the Listening, Reading and Writing sections of the test.

Why should you take an IELTS Trial Test?

  • Taking an IELTS Trial Test gives you valuable test day experience. You can take a test at an official test centre under timed test conditions. This will give you more confidence when you are ready to take your test.
  • The writing section will be marked by an official IELTS test examiner and you will get valuable feedback on your performance. This will help you to understand your current level and where you need to improve. Please note that IELTS Trial Test scores are not official test scores.
  • After you take your test, your results will be available in 13 days for Writing, Reading and Listening sections.

Locations offering IELTS Trial Tests

IELTS Trial Tests are currently available in the locations listed below.

To register for an IELTS trial test, please e-mail your local test centre, mentioning “IELTS Trial Tests” in the subject line. 

Locations available for IELTS Trial Tests

Country City Contact
Bangladesh Dhaka Contact us
Cameroon Douala, Yaounde Contact us
Canada Edmonton, Mississauga, Montreal, Toronto, Surrey, Vancouver, Vaughan, Winnipeg Contact us
Cyprus Nicosia Contact us
Germany Berlin Contact us
Ghana Accra  Contact us
Kazakhstan Almaty Contact us
Kenya Nairobi Contact us
Philippines Manila Contact us
Scotland Edinburgh Contact us
South Africa Cape Town Contact us
Turkey Istanbul Contact us
United Kingdom Leeds, Oxford Contact us
Vietnam  Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh Contact us
Zimbabwe Harare Contact us

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