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On this page you’ll find a number of IELTS sample tests to help you practice your timing and technique before you sit your official IELTS test. 

Why should I practise?

We strongly recommend you make use of these practice tests as part of your preparation. They will introduce you to the IELTS test format, and help you become familiar with the types of tasks you will be asked to undertake on test day.

You can also compare your work with model answers to see how well you did and to identify areas where you can improve.

How should I practise?

In your official IELTS test, you will complete the Listening, Reading and Writing tasks on the same day with no breaks between them. We suggest that you test yourself under similar timed conditions so that the experience is as much like test day as possible. 

Which practice tests are right for me?

For Listening and Speaking, the IELTS General Training practice test and the IELTS Academic practice test are exactly the same. However, you will find different practice tests for Reading and Writing for each type of IELTS exam.

Where else can I practice?

From grammar and vocabulary exercises to reading and listening comprehension practice, IELTS Ready is designed to help you check and improve your English language skills, so you get the IELTS score that you want. 

Choose from the practice tests below